How young is too young for cupcakes?

My baby cousin, Adam (pictured above - isn't he cute? Yes, I'm a very proud cousin!), is going to turn 2 in November (November 17th, to be exact), and I've been anxiously awaiting the chance to feed him his first cupcake. 2 is the age his parents deemed okay for a cupcake, but what do you guys think? When can a child have their first cupcake?

Here's a YouTube video I found of a little girl, Ella, having her first cupcake, but I'm not sure how old she is.


Too young?? The classic pictures of kids are always inhaling the cake at their first birthday parties! My Lucy attacked hers!
Anonymous said…
I accompanied my friends to CoCo's in June where they gave their daughter her first cupcake. She was about 8 months old.

Baby Cupcake Cuteness!
Carissa B said…
I would say by their 8th birthday they are old enough.
Carissa B said…
Oops! I meant 1st. Wow. I should hope by their 8th birthday they can have cupcakes....Hmmm. I think I need to go eat lunch before my brain turns to mush
My parents let me have a full chocolate cake for my first birthday. Granted, I didn't know what to do with it and just destroyed it, but I think the first birthday is a good threshold. It's certainly a special treat for smaller children so as not to give them too much sugar.
Klara Kim said…
A low-sugar cupcake ought to be fine for any age, right? I think I had regular cake at my FIRST birthday.

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