Lark Cake Shop in Silverlake, Los Angeles

Lark Cake Shop, so purty!

Lark Cake Shop is yet another Los Angeles (Silverlake) bakery. Here are some photos and reviews of it. Photos by Flickr user jleighb, who also has a huge and amazing set of cupcake photos you should definitely check out. And just as an aside to you Los Angeles cupcake fans, the next LA Cupcakes Meetup will take place October 6th at Leda's Bake Shop. Maybe they'll hit up Lark soon too.

Metromix Los Angeles on Lark (and a cupcake crawl photo gallery)

Woolsey on Chowhound reviews Lark:

The cupcakes are not complete dust, but, well... they could definitely be moister. They're not really very satisfying in that regressive, "it's like being a kid!" way Sprinkles (and, from the photos, Crumbs) does more successfully. The vanilla cupcake was like a chunk of wedding cake one gets at the tail end of the reception, complete with overly thick wedding cake frosting. Even the stiff white paper cup and straight cylindrical sides seem prissy. The coconut cupcake is a bit more successful...

(the rest covers more on the coconut as well as the rum cupcake)

Lark Cake Shop, hard decisions

Eriny on Chowhound on Lark's Salted Caramel Cupcake

I opted for the salted caramel cupcake--vanilla cupcake with a salty caramel icing-like frosting (hard-er, not soft and fluffy). It was delicious--the cake is small enough that you get a good icing to cake ratio with salty-sweet in every bite.

She's also got some photos on her blog, Erin's Kitchen.

5% Celery reviews Lark:

My date, Emily, and I each ordered a cupcake to sample the standard fare of the house. I chose the coconut-nut vanilla frosted cupcake, while she picked a delich’ chocolate-frosted dream that was surprisingly light on the taste-buds, despite its rich appearance. The coconut was crisp and the icing cool, sugary, and fresh- sweet relief on a hot summer day. I ordered an espresso to compliment my snack and it came out frothy and smooth, rather than the usual bitter and oily combo that one finds at Backdoor Bakery and Casbah. Emily, an avid baker herself, is a tough critic when it comes to baked goods, and she agreed that Lark beats the pants off other bakeries in the area, due to its homegrown taste, and reasonable prices.

Lark Cake Shop, my order
red velvet and vanilla/vanilla


5%Celery said…
Note: I just tried another Lark specialty, the icebox-cake cupcake (a genius layered concoction of thin chocolate wafers with whipped cream) and it did not disappoint. I've never seen this kind anywhere else, so for all the serious cupcake hounds--take note.
Anonymous said…
Within a 3 week period, my husband and I had Sprinkles, Crumbs, and Lark's cupcakes. Here is my grading:

Crumbs is the best for the following: 1. Moisture of the cake (made a man who is not into cupcakes or cakes say that it is the best he's ever had because it is so moist), 2. size for the price ($3.50 - $3.95 for the giant cupcakes that they are known for), 3. Creativity (different flavors but icing is so overpowering)
Lark is second best for the following: 1. Moisture (not as moist as Crumbs, but still moist), 2. icing to cake ratio (not a lot of icing so that you're able to taste the cake and icing is simple but great), 3. price ($1.90 per cupcake)
3. Sprinles takes third for the following: 1. Dry cake (Got media hype), 2. good icing to make up for the dry cake, 3. price ($3 for regular size cake)

As for the services, Lark takes the cake. I've never been there, and I needed to order A LOT of cupcakes. I asked to taste 3 cupcakes and they did not charge me (maybe they forgot). Very friendly, helpful, and seemed that they cared. The cupcakes were for a party 3 days later. So, I ordered cupcakes and a 6 inch round cake.

I ruled out ordering from Sprinkles as it was dry and they were too Hollywood, so I leaned towards Crumbs. Crumbs did not allow a tasting. I needed to buy the cupcakes. I had already bought 4 giants the week prior, but I wanted the "hotel" or regular size cupcakes as it would be a perfect fit size. But the owner was really helpful and nice on the phone.