Pudding Supports Cupcakes

The blog Wait-and-See Pudding recently write a defense of cupcakes (via The Grinder):

When you serve cupcakes, everyone is special. A cupcake is a gift, neatly and deliciously wrapped. And everyone at the party gets one. You don’t share a cupcake (unless you’re weird). And you don’t have to wait awkwardly while uneven and imperfect slices are passed around the table (”I only want a little sliver!” “No, no. I couldn’t possibly eat that much!”). Cupcakes are democratic. They’re the sort of simple indulgence that still feels decadent. This is why I love cupcakes.

My parents were macro-biotics when I was growing up. And I hated it - something in me knew better. I remember being in my grandmother’s kitchen watching her make dinner and asking why she and my grandfather didn’t eat the way we did. Her response has stuck with me ever since. She said, “your grandfather and I believe that everything is okay, in moderation.”

Even cupcakes.

They also have cupcake photos and recipes!

Here's one for chocolate five spice cupcakes with ginger buttercream frosting.

And here's one for coconut cloud cupcakes.