We're not telling you how to vote, but...

No, this is not about politics, save for pro vs. anti-cupcake politics.

Radar is asking whether certain people/items, like Posh and Becks, Brad Pitt, Keira Knightley, Andy Samberg, Facebook, Pilates, the Swiffer, Twitter, Soybeans, and yes, our beloved cupcake, are overrated. Here's what they say about cupcakes:

These humble sweets once sat alongside their homemade brethren—Rice Krispie treats, lemon squares—at soccer team bake sales. But in recent years, thanks to Carrie Bradshaw, the "Lazy Sunday" guys, and people who wear leggings under their dresses, the simplistic dessert has been whisked from the field into the gourmet pastry case. The current incarnation of the overly frosted confection, as popularized by NYC's Magnolia Bakery, not only has almost as many calories as a Big Mac, it's also infantilizing. Cupcakes were invented for those unable to eat regular cake because they have tiny little hands and lack the motor skills to use forks, knives, or plates. Embrace your advanced coordination and palate and leave the minis to the tots. (via Cupcakes, Cats & Shooz)

Clck here to vote on whether or not cupcakes are overrated

And if I may just indulge myself for a moment, and speak for myself and my fellow bloggers and say that we don't like cupcakes cause they're "trendy," whatever that means. We each like them for our own individual reasons, and are thrilled that so many of you share our obsession.

We're not trying to say everyone should like them or eat them; I have friends who hate cupcakes and it doesn't offend me or anything. I think it's fascinating how the interest and demand for more and more cupcakes, in cities and towns all over the world, is growing and expanding. We're also not saying they're healthy or should be eaten daily. Everything in moderation (as anyone who followed the "how many cupcakes is too many?" thread knows). Clearly, we don't think cupcakes are overrated, and the way the poll's looking at 10 p.m. on Monday evening, neither do most Radar readers.


Anonymous said…
Just found your blog. So fun! I think you should check out these ice cream injected cupcakes. We are headed to Boston to try them ourselves. They sound amazing!