Halloween cupcake mini roundup

More Halloween cupcakes coming soon, and if your bakery is doing something special or you ahve some Halloween cupcakes to share, drop us a line at cupcakestakethecake at yahoo.com

From London's Crumbs and Doilies:

Halloween cupcakes!

From Sprinkles

Sprinkles Halloween cupcakes

From the blog Wisdom of the Moon:

Witch hat cupcakes from Flickr user lorilyn

Witch Hat Cupcakes

From Flickr user NoWheyKatie


Martha Stewart wicked witch cupcakes (via Tastee Treats)

Skull and ghost cupcakes from Clare's Cupcakes (via Flickr)

Halloween Cupcakes


Dolores Clegg said…
I like the small cupcakes from sprinkles. How do I make these cuties?