Pirate cupcakes

From Flickr user dots treats - pirate cupcakes, clean and scruffy

Ahoy Matey! Clean Pirates

Ahoy Matey! Scruffy Fellows


Meadow Street said…
love the cupcakes, so does my seven year old.
Anonymous said…
Oh these guys are cute!
Unknown said…
Very cute! What did you use for the "white" part of the pirates eyes? Thanks!
Anonymous said…
Oh my gosh, these are ADORABLE!!! Thanks for sharing! :) I linked to you on my blog to share the pirate idea for cupcakes. :)

Kjun said…
These are so cool, and just what I've been looking for! My son is turning 1, and I am making him a pirate ship cake. I can make these for the other kids attending. THANKS!