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Our catchphrase for this blog is "All Cupcakes, All The Time," so how could we not love the new blog All Things Cupcake, started by Tattooed Mama Jess? Every day it's bringing new and delightful cupcake merchandise, just in time for the holidays!

Things such as this adorable cupcake dress from Lilliputians NYC Boutique:

And this little outfit from

And, my personal favorite, the "my cupcakes bring all the boys to the yard" shirt:

Visit All Things Cupcake daily for more cool cupcake stuff!


TaraMetBlog said…
i wish they made the kids shirt in grown up sizes and that i had the guts to wear cupcakes over my breasts.
Leslie said…
I love all the cupcake clothing! I wish I would have seen that dress before I made my daughter's for her party!