Cupcake Delights in Mount Dora, Florida

A new bakery called Cupcake Delights (nothing's on the website right now but the address, alas) has opened in Mount Dora, Florida. According to today's Orlando Sentinel article,where we also get a shoutout:

"Cupcakes are very hot right now. They're the big thing," said Judy Owens, who on Saturday opened Cupcake Delights on Fifth Avenue in Mount Dora's downtown district.

Indeed, the diminutive delicacies are such a rage that Sunday during the Light Up Mount Dora event, Owens sold out her 250 cupcakes.

Owens attributes the cupcake's rise in popularity to people who want to enjoy a decadent treat to soothe their sweet tooth, but also want to keep a close tab on calories.

"People want an individual dessert, but a whole cake, or even a slice of cake, it's too much. They don't want to eat the whole thing," she said. "Cupcakes seem to be the way of the future."

It takes about two cupcakes to make up the caloric value of a slice of cake, Owens says. Yet that math depends upon what is on top of the cupcake and what is on top of the cake.

According to a survey of more than 1,000 chefs at the 2007 Restaurant Show in Chicago in the spring, bite-sized desserts -- including cupcakes -- are the most popular menu items at eateries.

Judy Owens or any Cupcake Delights visitors - email us with some photos if you've got them!


Anonymous said…
The cupcakes there are nothing to be impressed about. They taste like butter, and there's nothing original about them or their decoration..
Anonymous said…
Just happened upon this little shop tonight and the cupcakes are INCREDIBLE! Our group tried about five different types and were thrilled with them all. Even though we are over an hour drive away - we will definitely go back for more!
Anonymous said…
I LOVE their cupcakes. I had the red velvet and the cookies and cream. The cake was moist and not too sweet and the frosting had just the right amount - and it was not too sweet either.
Anonymous said…
Was there a couple of weeks ago. We tried a variety of cupcakes & loved them so much we went back for another half-dozen the next day. Everything we tried was delicious but the Strawberry Buttercream & Lemon Sunshine were the standouts (& I'm a serious chocaholic).
Anonymous said…
I was visiting Mt. Dora and walked into the cupcake shop to try them out...The girl behind the counter was rude and didn't even aknowledge us -I took a picture of my boyfriend buying the cupcakes and some RUDE lady comes out from the back and told me "NO PICTURES!" I was stunned-no where did it say "No pictures taken" as if there shop is was one of a kind...Nothing special about it. Horrible experience! I would not recommend them soley based on their POOR customer service.