Cupcakes in the Staten Island Mall from Le Petit Gateau

Want some cupcakes to take the edge off your holiday shopping? Le Petite Gateau is here for you! Located on the lower level, center court, of the Staten Island Mall.

An article in the Staten Island Advance talks about the owners' decision to open the cupcake stand:

A cheerful cupcake seller stands ready to help pack one or a dozen cupcakes into equally tiny carrying cases.

Some will be sampled on the spot; others are toted away for nibbling with coffee, tea or a huge glass of ice-cold milk. Definite palate pleasers!

The "cake cart," however, shines with its stack of goodies only on weekends -- on Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.


"The idea was to make cakes from scratch, to give a quality product -- something where people will taste the difference," said Tesoriero, a long-time Eltingville resident. "Cakes that are simple, but elegant," chimed in his partner who grew up in New Dorp.

Here are the flavors they offer:

$2 each / $22 a dozen

Vanilla Chocolate - Vanilla cake with milk chocolate butter cream
Vanilla Bean - Vanilla cake with vanilla bean butter cream
Strawberry Shortcake - Vanilla cake with strawberry preserves and vanilla butter cream
Cookies and Cream - Chocolate cake with vanilla butter cream and crushed Oreo
Chocolate Peanut butter - Chocolate cake creamy peanut butter butter cream with crushed peanuts and chocolate drizzle
Chocolate Jelly Roll - Chocolate cake raspberry preserves and vanilla butter cream
Mochachino - Chocolate cake espresso flavored butter cream with cinnamon sprinkle and chocolate covered coffee bean
Triple Chocolate Brownie - Brownie cake with chocolate chips and chocolate butter cream
Red Velvet - with cream cheese icing
Coconut - with cream cheese icing
Carrot- with cream cheese icing

Decorate cupcakes start at $2.50 (price accordingly)