Daddy Cakes tries for World Record in Giant Cupcake making

I'm SO sorry for not posting this earlier - I got confused and kept trying to go to instead of their actual website, (I have a cold that has obviously affected my brain, cause I do subscribe to their awesome blog but I promise to be more timely in my blogging so as not to deprive you of breaking cupcake news like this!). Anyway, I missed it, but maybe someone has photos or insight into Daddy Cakes' attempt to build the world's largest cupcake. This is what they were planning?

There appears to be no official record set yet for the largest cupcake so what better way to celebrate our new cupcake boutique and ring in the holiday season than a 4 foot tall cupcake?This cupcake spectacular will take place as part of our grand opening celebration on Tuesday December 4th 2007 at 1:30pm. The Mayor of Topeka as well as well as the city of Topeka Chamber of Comerce will be out for our ribbon cutting event. Our goal is to build a 4 foot tall cupcake from the base to the top. This never before attempted creation will be complete with a silver paper liner,  jumbo sprinkles and a 6 inch sugar paste marischino cherry.

So did they do it? We're all ears!

You can watch founder Allyson's MySpace video here, making a lavendar infused lemon cupcake with a meringgue buttercream, that's one of their skinny cakes and is only 200 calories!

Here's an article on Daddy cakes from

All the cupcakes are uniquely decorated, but are equally enticing. Ten daily favorites are offered along with two specialty flavors, and two skinny cakes, which contain fewer calories. "Our customers kind of anxiously await their favorite special so it brings the back."

The inspiration to open the shop came upon accident, but after researching, Allyson found they were quite popular on the coasts. "I just saw a lot of people getting excited about it California has several independent cupcake shops." Which has people coming in to Daddy Cakes from all over. "I was so thrilled because coming from New York there are places like this in the village and in Manhattan and people stand outside in like lines to come to places like this." says Lawrence resident Deb Warren. Allyson hopes to see a similar trend in, and will continue to bake anything in cake for all the sweet tooths in Topeka.


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