Magnolia Bakery's Upper West Side location opening soon!

photo by Flickr user lorenaperez as part of her Sex and the City Flickr tour set

Events by JES reports that the Upper West Side location of the famed Magnolia Bakery is opening next week! A call from Cupcakes Take the Cake to Magnolia's Bleecker Street location reveals that they just passed their inspection and are opening soon, possibly as soon as this Saturday. The minute we get the details confirmed (they told us to call back later today), we will let you know and will of course be there to cover it!

Update: The official grand opening of the new Magnolia Bakery, located at 200 Columbus Avenue on the Upper West Side, will happen on Monday, January 21st. Their normal hours will be 7 am - 11 pm weeknights (though they may not open right at 7 on Monday) and I'm not sure about the opening time on weekends but they will be open until at least midnight on Saturdays. They may be open this Saturday, January 19th, but aren't sure yet. Rigth now they are focused on baking ("we're going to start baking like mad tomorrow morning" said Bobbie), and this location will offer breakfast items like muffins and coffee cake. Expect a sneak preview and full report from us very soon!

Update: See our exclusive Magnolia Bakery photos here and here.


Anonymous said…
exciting news! thanks for the report.