"A cupcake miracle"

To counteract the cupcake death story that's been making the rounds, here's a bittersweet story about cupcakes from Southern Minnesota paper The Independent.

"Cupcakes by thousands, note from Blyleven among show of support"

Photo and article by Rae Kruger

They’re calling it the cupcake miracle.

Even if it’s not exactly a miracle, it is a testimony to how the communities have responded to the deaths of four Lakeview students in a school bus crash Feb. 19 — donations of at least 2,000 more cupcakes than anyone had asked for.

“It’s like the multiplying of the fish and the loaves and the feeding of the 5,000,” said Judy Anderson of Cottonwood. Anderson referred to the story in the Bible where Jesus miraculous fed a crowd of people with five loaves of bread and two fish...

Volunteers were asked to bring two dozen cupcakes each for Olson’s funeral. Word quickly spread beyond the church congregation and into the entire community and beyond.

“We had a couple of families who got their kids involved with baking and decorating” Anderson said.“One family brought in 150 cupcakes.”

Volunteers had a couple of hundred cupcakes left after Sunday’s funeral. Those cupcakes were covered and taken to the refrigerated cooler at the school, volunteers said.

And on Monday morning, more cupcakes were brought to the school.

“People were coming in with cupcakes up until just before the funeral started,” Faye Myers said. “They were just coming and coming and coming.”

People brought chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting and white cupcakes with pink frosting. Chocolate cupcakes with M &Ms on top or white frosting with sprinkles. There were purple and green cupcakes and more variety.

“People (have been) just standing their looking like ‘which one do I pick’,” Anderson said of funeral attendees.