Fat Daddy's mail order cupcakes in a jar on Etsy

So I had never heard of Fat Daddy's Bake Shop until last week, and realize I've been missing out. They're a virtual cupcake store, on Etsy, and a fully licensed bakery based in Illinois. They sell packaged cupcakes in the mail, and have a patent pending on their cupcakes in a jar. The one above is their peanut butter and jelly sammich cupcake. You can also subcribe to their newsletter. Cupcakes are $6.50 each and ship via 2-3 day priority mail. We plan to interview them all about their yummy offerings soon. I think this is great for when you want to send someone you love a little pick-me-up cupcake, but can't figure out how to do so, and I know the many people asking us about mail order cupcakes will be intrigued too. This is especially good because some of the other places doing mail order cupcakes do them in bulk. You can also check out all the positive feedback they've garnered on Etsy.

Here's a little more info from their FAQ:

How long can I store the Cupcakes in a Jar™ ?
Fat Daddy cupcakes in a jar™ are shelf stable for up to 7 days, and can be frozen upon receiving for up to 10 weeks, just thaw on the counter top for a few hours. You can store the jars in the refrigerator to extend shelf life to 7-10 days; just let them warm to room temp before eating.

Here's a closeup of the caramel mocha mojo cupcake:

Caramel cake layered with mocha buttercream topped with a chocolate covered coffee bean..this cupcake will recharge your MOJO!!

Here's their red velvet revolution cupcake followed by their description:

This cupcake is so dense, yet so light, so sweet yet so mild, so tender and chocolaty I now know why I had so many requests for it! In the past I've tried red velvet but it was always dry and tasteless..not Fat Daddy's version! It's beautiful dark red color and amazingly tender cake just melts in your mouth. The cream cheese/buttercream frosting is so smooth and creamy, the combination of delicate chocolate cake and velvety cream cheese frosting is pure nirvana. I'm telling ya folks..it just doesn't get better than this! 100% Scharffen Berger cocoa and real Philadelphia cream cheese goes into this monumental cupcake, nothing but the best. I promise this cupcake will transport your taste buds to a place of enchanting paradise!

One last photo, of the vanilla dream cupcake. They also have the nut job cupcake, lime christy cupcake (with raspberries!), banana butterscotch bad boys cupcake, bare naked lemon lime cupcake, meet me at the cocoanut cabana, fat daddy of the bride wedding cupcakes, and much more...


CWYT said…
first of all, that's probably one of the best ideas i've heard in a while! second of all, most cupcakes where i'm from (seattle) are around $2 each so $6 seems like a lot but after salivating over the pictures (seriously.), i think i'm kind of in love.
Wendy Joan said…
I have seen Fat Daddy's cupcakes on Etsy before and I am delighted to see you are going to interview them! Yay!
TrashedClothing said…
I was lucky enough to receive one of these as a gift and I must say that they are as delicious as they look!
Anonymous said…
I ordered a six pack of fat daddy's cupcakes for Valentines Days..I should get them any day now. They are a little pricey..but the packaging is really top-notch and delicious!!!
dana said…
I got the Red Velvet Revolution cupcake... Oh my word. I could MARRY that cupcake.

I want one now. Dangit.
Granny said…
The Carrot Cake was most delicious!