Another baby's first birthday cupakes and a CONTEST

What's awesome about mom Amy's birthday cupcakes for her son Leo is that they're really adorable and creative (and we are suckers for smiling babies), but also that she was inspired by a photo she saw here of a mom using photos of her son on his birthday cupcakes. (If you're the one who did that, let us know!) I must confess that I am eager to have kids in part because I want to do stuff like this with/for them (there are lots of other reasons, too, don't worry, but the adorableness is just too too much).

Here's what Amy wrote on Flickr:

Platter of cupcakes for Leo's 1st birthday. I drew "bubble letters" with a Sharpie on cardstock paper, colored fun little patterns with crayons in primary colors, same as the sprinkles, cut them out and scotch taped them to toothpicks. Then I cut out some pictures of Leo and scotch taped them to toothpicks. The guests loved them and so did Leo!!! I was inspired by a pictures I saw on my new favorite website, A mom used pictures of her son over the years for his birthday cupcakes. The idea for the fun letters spelling out Happy Birthday Leo came to me in the middle of the night. I am inspired by all the beautiful and fun cupcake designs on the website and love getting ideas from there

And here's Leo enjoying his cupcake:

So we ask you readers - how do you decorate your kid's cupcakes? (Or someone else's kid's, or the kid in you...) You can think of it as: What are your favorite ways (way) of making kid-like cupcakes? Feel free to add links that illustrate your point.

We'll randomly select one lucky commenter to win a copy of Hello, Cupcake! the fabulous new book that's out now, by Karen Tack and Alan Richardson. We'll have an interview with the authors and a recipe to share with you soon. Meanwhile, catch them on The Martha Stewart Show on Tuesday, April 1st, and keep up with their cupcake blog for more cupcake fun.

And don't forget (though we will remind you) - on April 23rd from 5 pm - 7 pm in NYC, we're having a party with Hello, Cupcake! where you can learn cupcake decorating tips and make your own cupcake at the cupcake bar. It will be held at the M&M store at 48th and Broadway, but do RSVP so we know how many to expect. You have until April 22nd at 5 pm to post a response. Winner must have a U.S. mailing address (Sorry). Be sure to leave your email address in the comments. To prevent spam, you can list it like: cupcakestakethecake at


Amy R. said…
I'm afraid we are boring and just do the sprinkles thing. I do let my daughter put them on though. ilovetrolls at
caroline said…
I made a set of pretty pink tea set cakes for my 25th birthday (I'm still a 5-year-old girly girl at heart). The teapot isn't a cupcake, obviously, but the teacups are.
Wendy said…
Love cupcakes, and that looks like a FUN cookbook!
sign me up!
Be Somebody! said…
I covet that book! So much fun!
Anonymous said…
We've tried a bunch of different things... sprinkles, fondant, and the girls favorite... spraying them with the canned airbrush stuff... they think that's hilarious. But mainly just bunches of candies for making monster/face type cupcakes :D. azpikle at
Anonymous said…
For my son's 3rd birthday I decorated his cupcakes with his favorite thing DOLPHINS!!

They were posted on this blog back on March 3rd.
Anonymous said…
I think the best way to decorate cupcakes for kids are with LOTS of bright colors and TONS of frosting!! The more colorful, the better! Or, just letting the kids make their own cupcake is the best way to go. It's fun to watch them laughing and decorating. The mess is usually worth it!
mistressdanzig at
Nicole said…
I have been fascinated with the whole cupcake thing over the past few years. I could roam the web for hours taking in the photos. So sign me up as well.
spellmanfamily at