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We wanted to direct you again to the right website for Pittsburgh's fabulous Coco's Cupcake Cafe (there is an impostor parading around at - that is NOT Coco's).

Plus, they are on Flickr and have some super gorgeous photos that will make you wish you lived in Pittsburgh. (I'd say my main "problem" with this blog is that it often makes me wish I could snap my fingers Bewitched style and land in some other city and eat their cupcakes ASAP.

And they've also got...a blog. Please visit them and if you're not in the area, like us, you can drool over their cupcakes from afar.


Anonymous said…
their cupcakes are really disappointing...tried them and never want to go back. they were stale, really kind of tasteless. so disappointing!
j.thrift said…
i actually do live in pittsburgh and have gone here several times. they have always been beyond nice to us, for no real reason, and have provided the most delicious vegan cupcakes in town. i cant vouch for their conventional cupcakes, but their vegan baking really levels up and delivers.
Anonymous said…
Do you have any taste buds on your tongue? "tasteless" is the LAST thing I would say regarding a CoCo's Cupcake. Perhaps you prefer the dry, cheap ingredient filled alternatives offered by other bakeries (I won't mention any names) But honestly, how can you not taste Guittard (sp?) Chocolate? It is one of the richest chocolates for baking available.

I agree their vegan are yummy (actually a sweeter icing that I prefer) but their unique flavors like blueberry pancake and chocolate chip cookie are sinful. . .mmmmmmmm!

Keep up the great work CoCo's, thank you for making a cupcake that a "grownup" can enjoy.
Anonymous said…
wow, 'MixinMaggie ' ... not sure why you have to be so disrespectful. and yes, i assure you, i have taste buds on my tongue. and, no, i do not prefer the 'dry, cheap ingredient filled alternatives'

anyway, i am re-commenting because i gave coco's another chance. it was so much better than my previous visit. i think it was just the time i came before - it was either a saturday or sunday night, and they tasted stale and...dare i say it! almost tasteless. the second time, it tasted like a whole new place. and no it wasn't that my tastes were off, i was not the only one eating the cupcakes. i think they may of just been a day or two old. not fresh.

also - dozen cupcakes is a great place in pittsburgh, too. anyone in the area should try it, if you have not already.