Cupcakes Take Salt Lake City

Above photos from The Curious Cupcake

Natalie Hollingshead of Salt Lake City's Daily Herald highlights four of the city's cupcake bakeries (isn't that awesome that there are four cupcake bakeries in Salt Lake City?) in "Let them eat cupcakes."

"In the past three years, we've seen cupcakeries and custom cupcake companies popping up where you'd least expect them, in places like Eagle, Idaho, and Sandy, Utah," said Bussel, whose 3-year-old blog is known as an authority on all things cupcake. "I think the local bakeries are looking to the success of the cupcakeries in cities like L.A. and New York and seeing that it's possible."

Mini's was the first to market in Utah, says owner Leslie Fiet, who started her company in March 2007. The Curious Cupcake, a delivery-only business based in Sandy, was founded in October of that year. At least two other cupcake companies have cropped up since Jan. 1 -- So Cupcake, a brick-and-mortar cupcakery in Salt Lake City and SugarRush, a home-based custom-cake business.

"When I started, people looked at me crazy when I said I wanted to sell cupcakes," said Elizabeth Plehn, owner of The Curious Cupcake. "But there has definitely been an increase in demand and now they are cool."


The Curious Cupcake


image via So Cupcake


Anonymous said…
omg, i love love love those pups!
Anonymous said…
Hi, this is my first time posting on your blog. I've been blog-spying for the last month. Love it! I'm from the southern part of Utah state. We are taking a trip to SLC in a few weeks and we're definately stopping for cupcakes now that I know where to go. Thanks for the info! ~Julie