Enter the Martha Stewart cupcake contest!

120 people have already entered Martha Stewart's first-ever Cutest Cupcake Contest. Have you?

Share photos of your most creatively decorated cupcakes -- use flowers, candy, marzipan, or whatever inspires -- and you could win an elegant cupcake tree from the Martha Stewart Collection. Contest begins today Monday, March 31. It is only open to people in the United States.

Deadline: April 4, 2008


Anonymous said…
How awesome to see you ladies on Martha! Hope it was as life-changing as I want it to be. I love that crazy lady.
Anonymous said…
Great appearance on Martha Stewart's show !! Love, Mom
Jill said…
I'm watching the 3 of you on Martha Stewart right now! Very very cool! I'm anxious to go on my own NY cupcake tour this spring/summer..with help from your blog of course ;)
Anonymous said…
I just finished watching the cupcake segment. It was nice seeing you all on there!