Oops! We Made A Mistake

Coco's Cupcake Cafe photo by Allison Bojarski

Coco's Cupcake Cafe in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is NOT for sale!

Apparently, we got an email from a friend of the owners telling us otherwise. Going forward, we will confirm breaking news like this before posting. We apologize for any confusion, and hope that everyone in Pittburgh goes and have a cupcake at Coco's.

Last we heard, back in February 2008, they were being profiled in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

Click here and scroll down to see Allison's photos from her visit to Coco's.

Also check out the must-read site Cupcake Fetish's recent visit to Coco's, with amazing photos


Lori said…
Saw you on the Martha Stewart Show today. Thought I'd be the zillionth person commenting here. Very cool. You all were so cute munching on your coconut cupcakes. How cool that must have been.

As for the bakery oh what a dream that would be.

Love your site.
Anonymous said…
FYI, CoCo's is NOT for sale. You've got the wrong CoCo's website. (There is an unscrupulous individual who is misrepresenting themselves as CoCo's. The real CoCo's site is at www.cocoscupcakecafe.com)
Nichelle said…
I have amended the post and apologize for any confusion. Thanks so much for checking out our cupcake blog.