How are the cupcakes at Batch? Blondie and Brownie have the scoop

All photos from Flickr by Blondie and Brownie

New York bloggers Blondie and Brownie try out the cupcakes at Pichet Ong's new bakery Batch, located at 150b West 10th Street, between Waverly Place and Greenwich Avenue in NYC:

Both cupcakes were delicious, but of the two, Lemon, Lemon, Lemon the winner by far. The cake was airy and moist. And it had just enough frosting and just enough tart filling to satisfy. The Devil's Food Cupcake was very good--better than many other chocolate cupcakes out there, but it's wasn't exceptional. I wouldn't turn one down if it were offered to me, but if I had to choose between the Devil's Food and the Lemon, I'd definitely go with the Lemon.

Devil's food cupcakes:

Inside the devil's food cupcakes, caramel filling:

Lemon, lemon cupcake:

Click here to read their entire review and click here to see their Batch photo set on Flickr.

Here's what Daily Candy had to say.


toro said…
Japan recently, the cupcake has been very popular.