Make Cupcakes Not War

Make Cupcakes Not War
Originally uploaded by jennifer.lee
This is one of my favorite Johnny Cupcakes t-shirts, this time sported by Flickr user jennifer.lee.

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Here's what she says about the shirt and cupcakes:

My "Make Cupcakes Not War" shirt from Johnny Cupcakes came in yesterday! I had been planning all along to make some cupcakes when it arrived, so today that's just what I did! I let my husband choose the colors for the frosting. Well one color at least, haha...because as always there was pink frosting! So between pink and every other Wilton color dye there is, he chose blue. Pink and blue cupcakes! They're so pretty and good! I found some really cute Wilton candles to put on top. I just love the shirt and when we had to run out really quick to get some cat food & litter...I got compliments on it already!


Anonymous said…
I love it, but $40 for a t-shirt???

Also, I'm curious to know where she got the tray the cupcakes are on; it's really pretty.