More Cupcake coming to Charleston, South Carolina

Continuing the trend happening in places like Portland, Oregon (Saint Cupcake) and Pittsburgh, New York (Dozen Cupcakes), Charleston, South Carolina is going to get a 2nd branch of the bakery Cupcakes, according to Charleston City Paper.

Cupcakes, once relegated to the realms of childhood, seem to be everywhere these days. And, it's only getting worse — and by worse, we mean better. Kristin Kuhlke, the owner of Cupcake on King, has plans to open another one of her sweet shops out in Mt. Pleasant (664-D Long Point Road). This place, opening in April, is going to be much like the present location (same delicious cupcakes and tea-party interior), but it is also going to offer cooking-themed birthday parties for all ages, more big cupcake cakes (that you can just go in and buy instead of special ordering), and outdoor seating. Kuhlke describes getting and eating cupcakes as "so much fun," and much more of an event than just "ordering dessert at a restaurant." We couldn't agree more. Let the countdown to April begin! —Meaghan Strickland


Sweet! I'm visiting Charleston the second week in April! I might just do a review for you!