Chocolate Spice Cupcakes recipe

holding the cupcakes
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We've gotten a few emails since the Martha Stewart show appearance asking for my recipe for my chocolate spice cupcakes. I had originally gotten the recipe published as part of a newspaper article about cupcakes back in January '07. The article and recipe ("Red Hot Chocolate Cupcakes with Spicy Chocolate Glaze") can be found here. Enjoy!


TigrMchine said…
You're a foodie and a crossfitter? Wow, isn't that a paradox? I was introduced to crossfit a few months ago, and have renounced the bodybuilding regime. Of course, who am I to talk about paradoxes? My metabolism is extremely high (I cross train in three martial arts) that I NEED cupcakes, donuts, etc just to keep from shriveling up!
Brownie said…
These cupcakes sound amazing. I love the spice/chocolate combination. Thanks for sharing your recipe!
Anonymous said…
I would love to make these however the recipe link only includes the spices....where are the main ingredients?

Thank you for sharing!