A Perez Hilton cupcake, perhaps?

Lux Sugar's cupcake assortment

A kind commenter alerted us to the fact that Lux Sugar does mail order cupcakes. Awesome. And you can catch them tomorrow at the fabulous Artists and Fleas in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (where Kumquat Cupcakery also sells their yummy mini cupcakes.

But guess what else? All their cupcakes are named after famous folks!

The Perez Hilton cupcake, anyone? Here's what's in it:

A strawberry cake that we can't keep a secret, with a strawberry lemon zest glaze. Available in mini sized cupcakes (small); regular sized cupcakes (medium); mini sized bundt cakes (large); regular sized bundts (x-large) and 9 inch cake (2x-large)

Looks like Perez would approve:

image via Miami New Times

Here are some of their flavors:

Josephine Baker: A pineapple cake with a cream cheese pineapple frosting.
Perez Hilton: A strawberry cake that we can't keep a secret, with strawberry frosting.
George C.: A playful and light Orange Dreamsicle cake with a vanilla glaze.
The Diddy: A rich milk chocolate cake with a semisweet chocolate frosting.
David B: An English import with flair inspired a caramel cake with a english toffee frosting.
J. Lo: A multi-talented dulche de leche cake with a cinnamon caramel frosting.
Samantha: a fabulous lemon cake with a Vodka frosting in honor of our favorite Sex in the City character.
Heidi Klum & Seal: A sexy german chocolate cake
Pamela Anderson: vegan cake in a variety of flavors (lemon, chocolate chip, spice, orange, carrot)
Naomi Campbell: Crazy combo of banana and chocolate chips
Shirley Temple: Old-school coconut layer cake with lemon curd
Justin Timberlake: A cute pound cake with a whip cream topping (other toppings such as pineapple, strawberries, & mango may be added)
Prince Harry: Regal carrot cake with rich cream cheese frosting


Anonymous said…
I was at Artists and Fleas yesterday and last week and had theee best stuff at luxsugar. Friendliest table there...
tate said…
i am still dreaming about the samantha jones lemon and vodka frosting cupcake i had at artists and fleas while i vended next to these fabulous ladies!!! run don't walk to cupcake paradise!
Anonymous said…
I ordered a dozen regular sized cupcakes for my boyfriend's birthday 2 weeks ago, and they came shipped to me in Philly on time and packaged so lovely with a ribbon and a blinged out box! FAB!

KittyLili said…
They also sell on Etsy. I may order some! ^_^

Anonymous said…
worst ever. i ordered from them and everything was smashed, melted and just thrown in a box. i was thoroughly disappointed and will be sharing my experience on all things cupcake later.
Anonymous said…
i am sooooo at your picnic cupcakes take the cake...comin all the way from Jersey!!

i had cupcakes shipped to me from Lux (thats my nicname for these chics) over the weekend. i met them at artists and fleas in williamsburg where my sis lives & after sampling decided to order some last week. great customer service and they even sent me extra stuff in my box!!! i love freeness :-)

my stuff arrived in perfect condition and tasted so damn good...Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. lol
Greeting from Lux Sugar :-)
A faithful Cupcake Takes the Cake reader & Lux Sugar repeat customer (thanks Becca) let us know that a less than satisfactory comment was posted about Lux Sugar.
We at Lux Sugar take all comments seriously and have contacted UPS our preferred shipper to recoup the shipping costs that we gave as complimentary to the customer.
Also, we have contacted the customer to let her know we are processing a refund to her.
We regret that we were not first given an opportunity to rectify this situation before it was posted.

Thank you to our new and veteran customers who continue to adore our goodies and shop Lux Sugar.
Anonymous said…
Something tells me that if I would have said I was doing a review on the cupcakes, they would have been shipped differently. I did get a chance to taste one of the cupcakes but really, I just wasn’t impressed.. I don’t know if I just had a bad taste in my mouth over the way it had shipped… I’m not sure.
Anonymous said…
WUTUP with all this negativity Jess...its cupcakes for heaven's sakes...not WWIII lmao. Jus hav them re-ship. s**t happens...

Anyway, OMG you guys must go check them out at Artists & Fleas.
So cute their little table, and I swear my boyfriend sed "so damn good, what's in this" after eating the perez...its sugary damn goodness.

I got a big box of Samantha's and still have 2 in the fridge.

LUXSUGAR we can't wait for your returnnnnn!!! Williamsburg needs u!
Anonymous said…
I tried their cupcakes once & thought they were absolutely delicious. I think it was very gracious of them to get ahold of this unhappy customer and petty of her to complain about it after they made amends. I am hoping they open a storefront soon - especially if it's in Williamsburg. Please come back to Artists & Fleas!!