Cupcakes with a blowtorch!

Danielle Bilton blogged about making s'more cupcakes with chocolate ganache filling and homemade (!!) marshmallow frosting. And there was a blowtorch involved! That is the first time I've seen one used in conjunction with cupcakes. See her post for more photos. These look like my ideal cupcake (well, one of many).

She writes:

We purchased a torch and right before serving the cupcake to our friends, the marshmallows were toasted(!) so they were served with a crispy burnt shell and an gooey mallow filling.

photo by Nick Bilton

photo by Danielle Bilton


Anonymous said…
Thank you for the post. They were a lot of fun to make. Some work, but very fulfilling in the end. I think it was the melted marshmallow and chocolate ganache dripping from everyone's grinning lips that made me realize they were a hit.