Fourth of July firecracker cupcakes

The Associated Press has a recipe for fourth of July firecracker cupcakes, and some comments:

Inspired by the colors and crackles of July Fourth firecrackers, these miniature cakes are studded with flecks of color and go down with a bang thanks to a sprinkling of totally retro Pop Rocks candy.

These cakes are great baked and served in coffee cups, making them easy to transport to a summer picnic. They also could be baked in more traditional paper muffin cups.

Boxed cake mix can be substituted for the homemade cake recipe listed below. Follow the package directions and stir in the rainbow candies. Canned or frozen whipped topping could be substituted for the whipped cream.

The Pop Rocks can sit on the cakes for some time without losing their zing, but hold off as long as you can before putting them on to truly taste the firecracker in them.


Big Fat Cupcake said…
I love you blog!! I have tried several of your recipes and they have been consistently amazing. Thank you!!