More cupcake picnic photos

Here are some more photos from the picnic. Also! For those who made cupcakes, we'd love it if you'd email us at cupcakestakethecake at with your recipes or some info about your cupcakes. And please do sign up for our next Meetup, which will be our 2nd annual (sense a pattern here/) Cupcake Arts and Crafts event (this time, an evening one on July 14th) at Etsy Labs in Brooklyn. See more photos in my Flickr set, and video is really coming soon, I swear.

And now onto the picnic...


We post with our namesake cupcakes from Sweet Avenue Bake Shop, who went above and beyond the call of cupcake duty with these - thank you!

Our friends Tobi, Marina, and Courtney used the Sweet Avenue Cupcakes Take the Cake cupcakes to spell out "CAT:"

Cupcakes that spell

Even with a visual, it's hard to really describe how insanely MASSIVE these cupcakes from Lulu's in Scarsdale were. They were giant cupcakes, and almost looked like toys to me.

All cupcakes big and small

Nicole made cupcakes that match her dress:

Nicole's cupcakes match her dress!

The ladies of Lux Sugar brought these yummy red velvet mini cupcakes and some regular size lemon cupcakes:

Red velvet mini cupcakes from Lux Sugar

Keavy of Kumquat Cupcakery met me at the Renegade Craft Fair to deliver some favorites, mini peanut butter/chocolate as well as strawberry cupcakes. Check out her site to see what yummy summer flavors she's cooking up for the Brooklyn Flea.

Kumquat Cupcakery mini strawberry and chocolate/peanut butter cupcakes

Some happy cupcake eaters:


Blogger Gala Darling, who frequently writes about cupcakes

Gala Darling shows off her cupcake

Our friend Elise brought these flower cupcakes:


I tasted exactly one spoonful of the lemon raspberry cupcakes, and wow. The icing was this thick, sugary glaze that was super intense (in a good way).


The top of this box of cupcakes said "DO NOT EAT" and it looked so funny, but we were allowed to eat them (it was for the person who brought them's family not to eat):


Jess from Melbourne, Australia cupcakery Sugadeaux Cupcakes sported her "my cupcakes bring all the boys to the yard" t-shirt and was so kind as to bring one for each of us. You can purchase yours here.

Jess rocks her t-shirt

And last but not least, just cause I think it's so cute, Courtney, who was in town from Minneapolis with her mom (who was very excited to try the Magnolia cupcakes).

Courtney looking super cute


Ed Kohler said…
Courtney is a notorious cupcake party crasher here in Minneapolis.