Ask Allison #5: Heart-shaped Cupcakes

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Q: I’m looking for heart-shaped cupcake molds and liners. I have seen the silicon molds but I am looking for a metal tray of a dozen or more. The silicon molds don’t hold the shape as well as the traditional metal pans. Also, I have been looking for months for a heart-shaped liner. Do you know of a company that carries these or can custom make some?

Thanks so much.


A:Diann, after I read your question, I searched and searched the internet to see if I could find metal tins that would make heart-shaped cupcakes. While certainly I have seen metal tins to make heart-shaped cakes, I couldn't find any that would make cupcakes.

And I had a feeling that even if I could find a pan like that, it would be impossible to find cupcake liners that would fit those pans, and you had specifically wanted not only a pan but liners for that pan. The problem is, you'd have to have the same company manufacturing both items so that they would fit together correctly.

And so just as I was about to abandon all hope, and feared that I wouldn't be able to give you a solution to your problem, I happened upon this photo on Flickr from Sandra (socake):

Red heart shaped cupcake

I couldn't believe what I saw! Perfectly formed heart-shaped cupcakes! In fact, the liners themselves had those crimps at the top and bottom of the heart, and I wondered how she did it. In the comments on that photo I couldn't find any clues, but then I looked at this other photo she had posted of a pink version:

Pink heart cupcakes

And right there in the comments, someone asked Sandra how she did it, and she wrote back: "these are just normal round foil cupcake papers that I shaped into hearts!"

And that's when it became obvious to me. Just use the foil liners on a cookie sheet and crimp the top and the bottom, and the circular quality of the liner takes care of the heart's "curves". Sometimes the simplest solution is right there for you to think of...luckily for me, Sandra figured it out for us and shared it with all of us via Flickr.

Let us know how it works out for you, Diann!

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Jo said…
I knew I'd seen them somewhere. That woman is amazing, I could stare at her photos all day.
Anonymous said…
I just got this cute heart shaped pan for my birthday from Chicago Metallic. The bottom is a normal cupcake but the top is a heart. It is so cute.
Jess said…
These are the heart-shaped liners that I have seen and used. I have also used the star ones and have seen them in ghost shapes! I got mine at Albertsons or Wal-Mart, but so you have an idea what the packaging looks like, here is the Amazon listing...

They're a little bigger than your average cupcake pan and so the cups can be cooked on a cookie sheet - they hold their shape! Warning... don't use much batter to fill them!!! No more than half full...
. said…
I've got a heart shaped sillicone cupcake pan, that makes perfect heart shaped cupcakes using normal round liners.
Yvo Sin said…
What Jess said - I couldn't find a link on their site but which is also a review. I actually have these but use them for making savory items (mini meatloaf, mini shepherd's pie, etc.) for bento :D