Conecakes at the Treats Truck in NYC

Bloggers Blondie and Brownie pay another visit to the Treats Truck and cream cone cupcakes! See also their entire Treats Truck Flickr set and the official Treats Truck site. Here is their schedule for today, tomorrow, and Saturday:

Thr, July 24 1-3: 38th & 5th
4:30-6:30: Bway btwn 82-85th - CALL

Fri, July 25 12:30-2:30 Sixth Ave & 20th St
5-10: Ween Concert at McCarren Park Pool (tix required)

Sat, July 26 12-2: Park Slope (Union St & 8th)
3:30-6: Broadway btwn 82-85th

You can also call them at 212-691-5226 or sign up for their newsletter by emailing info at with "Notify Me About Treats Truck News" (without quotes) in the subject line.

from Blondie and Brownie:

The chocolate was the true winner. Just the right amount of chocolate, tasty frosting, moist cake. Can't ask for anything more. Well, I suppose the cones could have been a bit crunchier. Not sure if their softness was a function of being baked or the extreme humidity we've been having.

Right now the conecakes are part of the specials menu, so they might not be available every day. At $3.50 a pop they are definitely on the pricier end of the Treats Truck treat scale. So while I probably wouldn't go for one all the time, considering I haven't had a conecake since third grade it was worth it to me. Certifiably delicious.


Bubbles said…
I just love your blog it has me feeling extremely hungry and craving for a cream bun :D
Rowena said…
Ooh I'm going to try to make those this weekend, those look really good.
Amanda said…
Those look so neat! What a cool idea!