Frosting shots in the news

photo by Flickr user roboppy taken at BabycakesNYC

We told you about the wonder of the frosting shot back in May. Associated Press writer Terry Tang offers an in-depth look at frosting shots, which bakeries offer them, and why customers like them, covering Sprinkles, BabycakesNYC, Back in the Day Bakery (Savannah, GA), and Kickass Cupcakes (Somerville, MA).

At Sprinkles Cupcakes in Scottsdale, Ariz., the store sells at least a dozen shots daily.

Some fans of the shot are customers who want extra frosting with their cake, says general manager Jenn Evans. Others forgo the provided wooden spoon and squeeze down the entire 75-cent shot.

"You'd think it was like an ice cream cone," Evans says. "I see fingers getting involved. But there's no shame. We don't judge here at Sprinkles."

Ilyse Levitt, 38, of Las Vegas says adding a frosting shot to an order is customary for her and her friends whenever they visit Sprinkles' Beverly Hills, Calif., location.

"You order the cupcake but you really want the frosting," Levitt says while gobbling a shot of vanilla frosting. "It brings you back to when you used to lick the container or whatever your mom made it in."