10 Cupcake Bakery Logos We Love

We love our Lalena Fisher-designed logo so much, and think it's important, for blogs and businesses, to have an image that represents them and stands out. So we've been checking out cupcake bakery logos, and in no particular order, here are some we like. Which are your favorites? Have one we should know about? Email us at cupcakestakethecake at yahoo.com or leave a note in the comments.

Cupcakeology in Albuquerque

Saint Cupcake in Portland, Oregon
photo by Flickr user Scout Seventeen

The Shoppe in Denver

Logo of A Cookie and a Cupcake
A Cookie and a Cupcake in Cleveland, Ohio

Cupcake Royale logo
Cupcake Royale in Seattle

The Flying Cupcake Bakery logo
The Flying Cupcake Bakery in Indianapolis

BabyCakes Baking Company logo
BabyCakes Baking Company in Torrance, California

Sweet n Sassy Cupcakes of Newark, Delaware
I didn't have just the image of their logo, but why I think this one is especially great is that they put it on everything - their boxes, even their cupcake wrappers!

Logo of Sweet City Cupcakes, Kansas City, MI
Sweet City Cupcakes in Kansas City, Missouri

The Cleveland Cupcake Co. logo
The Cleveland Cupcake Company

Bonus logo:

Not a cupcake bakery, but would be a great name for one, and super adorable logo:

Logo of youth soccer team Mighty Cupcakes
Mighty Cupcakes, a youth soccer team I stumbled across in researching cupcake bakery logos


Anonymous said…
Love the Sweet and Sassy Logo!
Anonymous said…
Even though I think their cupcakes are god-awful, Baltimore Cupcake Company has a cute logo.
Anonymous said…
Does anyone know if the Cleveland joint is only online? I didn't see an address on the website and was really excited to have a (maybe) local cupcake place to check out.
Lesa Monster said…

...also in portland, or.

i love saint cupcake so much, i've never even been to cupcake jones.
Anonymous said…
The Cupcakery in Vegas has a very cute and fresh logo.
Nicole said…
I posted my cupcake logo on my blog..check it out, I think it's fab! Love your blog!
Anonymous said…
I like the sweet n sassy logo. I think it might change when the bakery changes to sas bakery. The bakery is being featured on the food network show Road Tasted with the Neelys on Tues. at 9:30 pm
Anonymous said…
Cleveland Cupcake is only online and they bake out of their homes. However MAIN STREET CUPCAKES is located in Hudson, Oh. www.mainstreetcupcakes.com
238 N. Main St.
Hudson, Oh 44236
Wendy Thompson said…
I am one of the owners of A Cookie and A Cupcake. We do have a store front in Tremont, Ohio we hope to open our doors in mid September!
I was just coming to tell you about The Shoppe in Denver! Glad you found it... fabulous place!!
Cakespy said…
I love these! A lot were new to me! Here's another one I love too! : http://lookcupcake.com/
Michelle Lei♥ said…
I love me some cupcakes!!
Jojo Hernandez said…
i like cup cakes