Mon Petit Cupcakes of Winona, Minnesota

Jennifer Rogers of Mon Petit Cupcakes

You know how sometimes cupcakes look beautiful and mouth-watering and then you bite into them and want to spit them right out? Well, these are not like that. These are as delicious as they look, and I'm so glad because Jennifer Rogers of Mon Petit Cupcakes in Winona, Minnesota was incredibly cool and nice and fun. She came to the 1st Minneapolis/St. Paul Cupcake Meetup at Cupcake on Saturday (writeup coming soon - many photos to gather!) and only after we had totally (over)stuffed our faces and stomachs with cupcakes, did she lead us to her car, displaying these treasures:

Mon Petit cupcake assortment

To be honest, by that point, the last thing I wanted to think about was more cupcakes. I had eaten...3? 4? Hard to say with minis and bites taken, but something like that. But she had brought these gorgeous boxes, and my friend Courtney had to work during the meetup, so we brought some home for her.

Well, let me tell you, I'm so glad we did. They were amazing. There was a spicy chocolate one that I wound up giving away, but the ones I tried had all these great touches, like bits of white chocolate on top of the vanilla/vanilla one, and cranberries inside the Cosmo one. I think my favorite was the creme brulee, because the top had not traditional frosting but what tasted like a mix of sugar and caramel (to me, not exactly sure what was in it). I also ate that one cold out of the fridge and as I said before, I like it like that.

I tasted this chocolate cherry cupcake my friend Courtney had - it was very rich and delicious:

Chocolate cherry cupcakes

I also was impressed that Jennifer has branding, a logo, a slogan, and t-shirts. It makes her company look more impressive and makes it stick in your mind after you've taken that last bite. My friend Aaron says he's going to make the trip to Winona (about a 2-hour drive from Minneapolis) to get more, so that should tell you something! Here's a shot of a bag with her logo and contact info she gave out:

Mon Petit Cupcakes paper bag

Here's how Jennifer describes her company:

We are a local gourmet cupcake bakery providing superior quality desserts to our community and surrounding communities while supporting our community through the use of local ingredients. We believe in “green friendly” living and in the use of the freshest organic and local ingredients to produce individual portion sized cakes like nothing else you will find in the area. Life is too short and we believe every day should be sweet!

Let us give you that “wow” ending to one of your next special events, from a small dinner party to a large celebration. Cupcakes are the perfect gift of congratulations, for birthdays, showers, business meetings or even to celebrate passing that killer exam (we will deliver locally to college students!) or best yet, just because!

Please inquire about our 100-150 calorie/3-5 gram fat Petit Bites line for a lower calorie/fat alternative to our standard size cupcakes. As a registered dietitian with a Masters degree in Nutrition, I believe that smaller portions of flavor rich desserts made with high quality ingredients are a good solution to that craving for something sweet.

And look a this! Mon Petit Cupcakes is on Flickr (and a proper website is coming soon). Photos from Flickr:

Who among you, I ask, can resist this?

chocolate sour cream cake with scoops of vanilla buttercream frosting topped with chocolate flavored syrup and a cherry

Mocha Espresso and Apple Cinnamon

Jennifer sent me her flavor offerings, which include these and many more:

Flour de Sel: Moist dark chocolate cocoa cake with crème caramel center and Belgian semi-sweet chocolate ganache drizzled with caramel, sprinkled with sea salt

Chocolate Ginger: Bittersweet chocolate ginger cake with dark chocolate butter cream frosting topped with crystallized ginger and grated dark chocolate

Mocha Express: Chocolate buttermilk cake with espresso infused butter cream frosting topped with dark chocolate covered coffee beans

Cab please: Rich dark chocolate cake with cabernet sauvignon wine and dried cherries with chocolate ganache topped with bits of dried cherries

Hanalei Bay: Tropical coconut rumcake with dried pineapple and mango and papaya, toasted macadamia nuts with ginger cream cheese frosting topped with bits of dried fruits, crystallized ginger and toasted coconut

Creme brulee: Light and fluffy yellow caramel cake with a brown sugar boiled frosting topped with torched sugar garnish and berries

You can contact Jennifer at monpetitcupcake at or by phone at 507-358-8504