Cupcake bakeries in Kuwait

So many Google alerts and searches and tidbits fly through my inbox, and brain, every day, that hours later, I often can't remember what originated my search. Today I started looking up cupcakes in Kuwait, and found several bakeries. Did I miss any? Email us at cupcakestakethecake at

One is Juju's Cupcake. The blog Twofortyeightam posted this photo:

Cupcakes from Juju's Cupcake in Kuwait

They wrote:

Today I got a long rectangular box with a dozen cupcakes from a new place that opened up in Fanar called Juju’s Cupcake. All the cupcakes looked stunning and within seconds they disappeared. Everyone just wanted one.

Another one is Little Treats, which offers a wide selection of cupcakes. Here's an image from their site, sorry so tiny:

Here's a blog writeup about them; the biggest complaint is that eating too many gave the writer a tummyache.

And, wait for it...there's a bakery called Sprinkles in Kuwait! Really. Now, given the lawsuit Sprinkles has filed against Sprinkles Pink Cupcake Boutique, I wonder if it's only a matter of time before they go after the Kuwaiti Sprinkles. They also have a Flickr stream.

Rocky road cupcake - Devil's food cupcake topped with choc chunks marshmallow

Coconut salutation cupcake - devil's food cupcake topped with caramelized coconuts

Caramel macchiato - Coffee cupcake topped with caramel, cream and chocolate

Blind date cupcake - Dates cupcake topped with caramel and walnuts


MrSound said…
The Devil rocky road cupcake made my mouth watered.
Anonymous said…
These cupcakes look awesome and yes we will wait and see how far the greed of Sprinkles will reach.
Thanks for sharing this wonderful bakery with us.

Debbie/Phx AZ
Dee Light said…
Okay, I've never visited your blog, but just looking at it makes me want to make cupcakes!!
Anonymous said…
lol! I am actually fine now :) no one can have enough from those yummy stuff!
Anonymous said…
Wow, these Kuwaiti cupcakes are amazing and just cement the fact that cupcakes are THE adult treat. No kid's stuff here!

These are just the way I want my dessert.
Anonymous said…
Those cupcake bakeries look yummy especially Sprinkles really amazing shots, and about Sprinkles L.A. silly fights , are they going to to follow the official Dubai sprinklez as well ?

if they were good enough they wdnt do it :P
miss ghesquiere said…
yes, you missed the best one of all! NOVEMBER bakery!