"Cupcakes" more popular search term than "financial crisis"

On the Mother Jones MoJo blog, Jonathan Stein writes:

This is a fun game you can play at home. Go to Google Trends and see what Americans are searching for online more frequently than the term "financial crisis." I have an example below, in which I set the time period to September 2008. Turns out "wizards," "cupcakes," and "sex toys" retain their popularity in times of national emergency.

And here's a graphic representation:

Why do you think that is? I think cupcakes are continually popular, plus, to tie it back to economics, they are easy and cheap to bake. We see traffic spikes around holidays like Christmas and Valentine's Day, when people are often looking for a special kind of cupcake to make.


Kim Vallee said…
I would add that as comfort food, eating cupcakes can lessen the burden of the economic crisis for a few minutes. However, the time of the year has probably more impacts on the results.