Spotlight on SugarBloom Cupcakes from Perth, Australia

Some of the cupcake photos we see on Flickr are just so stunningly gorgeous, they make me want to travel as far as Perth, Australia, in this case, to try them. They're by Flickr user Bev (SugarBloom Cupcakes), who is also online at

La Vie en Rose cupcakes - Literally translates to "LIfe in Pink".
Rose pink coconut cupcakes with white chocolate mousseline buttercream.

Chocolate Vanilla Nougat Cupcake Bite:

Wedding cupcake samples: These are samples for a regular customer who is getting married int he middle of October. Her colour scheme is baby blue and she wanted a couple of different designs.

These were part of 100 Lemon Buttermilk cupcakes with Lemon Mascarpone Buttercream and 100 Vanilla Cupcakes with Vanilla Mousseline with 2 designs for each flavour:

Art deco-inspired cupcakes for a Great Gatsby party:

The Aussie version of a s'mores cupcake (click through to read exactly how she made them):

One of my favorites - Pink and black cupcake - Basic Vanilla cupcakes with Orangeblossom buttercream covered in Vanilla fondant.

Now tell me if this one is not truly a work of art. It's a Hibiscus Cupcake made for a Lu'au themed "Throw-Down" over at Flickr Bake-Off!


Oh my gosh!
That's so amazingly close to me, I will have to pay them a visit :)
Anonymous said…
They are gorgeous and delicious too, but OMG have you tried My Yummy Vice cupcakes in Perth, they are soooo good, no I mean "to die for" and so unique, you must try them seriously!!