1,000 free Crumbs cupcakes October 20th

Don't we all like the sound of those words: Free Cupcakes!

Free Crumbs cupcakes

from CW11 Morning News Blog comes more news about the new Crumbs Bakeshops opening in New York:

October 20: Madison Ave (501 Madison Avenue - Madison and 52nd)
The new shop on Madison Ave is giving away 1,000 complimentary cupcakes (1 per person) beginning at 8 a.m. on opening day.
October 28: Lexington Ave. (1418 Lexington)
November 3: Upper East Side (Lexington Avenue at 93rd Street - near 92nd Street Y)
December 22: Mid-Town East (880 Third Avenue at 54th Street)
December 29: Mid-Town West (1675 Broadway between 52nd and 53rd)

There are new Crumbs Bake Shops opening up in the city in the next couple months. Crumbs Bake Shop is the originator of the gourmet cupcake and while many cupcake shops feature a few traditional flavors (vanilla, chocolate, and that's it), Crumbs shook up the cupcake world introducing a wide variety of new flavors. And Cupcakes have never been the same.

According to MarketResearch.com, even with the economy in a slump, sales of gourmet foods are still holding stead, and in some cases, growing. U.S. retail sales of gourmet, specialty and premium foods are growing at faster rates than those of the overall food industry. Also, as many companies are decreasing their product lines and limiting their offerings, Crumbs has expanded each of their Bake Shop showcases by 10 feet, to accommodate more flavors adding 25 more varieties to the menu on a daily basis.

Mia and Jason Bauer, co-founders of Crumbs, attribute the growth to a combination of elements, but right now, feel the most important factor is that cupcakes are an affordable luxury; a comfort food that people don't feel is a splurge at $3.50 each, especially when at Crumbs you get a lot of cupcake for your money - the shop is known for their generous servings in all 3 sizes. In a downloadable, on-demand world, people want customization and Crumbs offers 75 varieties, providing customers options without committing to just one flavor.

In an effort to invite the entire community to celebrate cupcake couture, Crumbs has a long standing tradition when opening a store.

I tried the grasshopper cupcake below from Crumbs University Place yesterday (see my photo set), and it was totally delicious; mint frosting with chocolate chips, and rich chocolate cake and something gooey inside. They are also selling $18 packs of a dozen different mini cupcakes, all very adorably decorated.

Grasshopper cupcake from Crumbs

Mini cupcakes at Crumbs University Place


Anonymous said…
I walked by the madison store front this morning and there were no cupcakes to be found!

This blog says friday is the grand opening!