New Contest: 1-800-FLOWERS gift certificate

We've got a new contest for you, this time for a $50 gift certificate from 1-800-FLOWERS, which now sells cupcakes made by Cheryl & Co. as well as actual flower-shaped cupcakes. International entries welcome, but cupcakes don't ship internationally, only flowers.

This time, the way to enter is by linking to this post from your social networking account (MySpace, Facebook, etc.) or your blog or website. For each link, you get one entry, so if you link from your blog, Facebook, and Twitter, for example, that's 3 entries. The catch is you have to email us at cupcakestakethecake at with the entry URLs and "Flowers Contest" in subject line. Deadline: Wednesday, October 29, 11:59 pm. If you don't have a blog or social networking site, start one! Twitter is very easy. And we will have more contests soon with commenting to enter, we're just trying something new since this is an Internet-based prize.

Flower cupcakes from 1-800-Flowers

1-800-FLOWERS® Cupcake in Bloom™

Here's their description:

* Delightful arrangement of the freshest white carnations
* Designed by our florists in a reusable cupcake cup; cup measures 2.75"H
* Comes complete with a candle and a "Celebrate!" flag
* Arrives in our fun and exclusive Everything Cupcake™ packaging
* Our florists select the freshest flowers available so colors and varieties may vary
* Arrangement measures approximately 5"H x 6.5"D

Cupcakes from 1-800-FLOWERS

Everything Cupcake™ Celebration Cupcakes

* Fresh-baked assortment of delicious chocolate and vanilla cakes, topped with a generous dollop of decadent buttercream frosting, a candy drop and festive sprinkles
* These mouthwatering treats are available in quantities of 6 and 12
* Arrives in our exclusive Everything Cupcake™ packaging
* Kosher

Cupcakes from 1-800-FLOWERS

Everything Cupcake™ Birthday Cupcakes

* Fresh-baked assortment of chocolate and vanilla cakes topped with luscious buttercream frosting, a candy drop and decorative birthday sprinkles
* Available in decadent and delicious quantities of 6 and 12
* Arrives in our exclusive Everything Cupcake™ packaging, delivered fresh overnight to their door
* Kosher

Here's a fun photo of Sandy Ploy, Milwaukee Cupcake Queen (left) and Julie Mulligan of 1-800-Flowers (right)

Sandy Ploy (Milwaukee Cupcake Queen) and Julie Mulligan of 1-800-FLOWERS

Check out Julie's blog post about making a super-sized flower cupcake: (click through for full instructions)

Making a super-sized cupcake is very easy! Obviously it will take quite a few chrysanthemums (’Football’ mums), but it is a statement piece that will last for at least a week or maybe even two! The super-sized cupcake shown below was made in a 15” x 8” container and used about 50 mums. The same technique would be used regardless of the size of the container.

Super flower by Julie Mulligan of 1-800-Flowers


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This is so not fair for those of us who don't have a website or blog!