Pumpkin pie cupcakes

This is a sneak preview of the pumpkin pie cupcakes that Cupcakes a Go Go in Sarasota, Florida will be offering! (via Pumpkin Passion)

Pumpkin pie cupcakes

Holiday Pies? Nope......Cupcakes

Not sure what to bring to Thanksgiving dinner?
Delight and surprise everyone with freshly baked cupcakes
made to look like pumpkin and apple pies.
Not a pumpkin fan? These are chocolate and vanilla cupcakes
decorated in vanilla butter cream frosting!

There's no replacing Thanksgiving pies.....
but these are the perfect addition to the dessert table.
They're good, they're fun...they're cupcakes.
In a windowed box with bow, our pie cupcakes make
a great hostess gift!


SO CUTE! Great idea!