10 Giant Cupcakes

I was looking through our Flickr pool yesterday for birthday cupcake photos for Nichelle and found some gorgeous giant cupcake photos I couldn't resist sharing:

by Flickr user debbiedoescakes

from The Urban Housewife (via Flickr)

from Flickr user katydiddes

from Flickr user kathrynivy.com

from blogger All Up In My Kitchen, who has another giant cupcake post (aka Flickr user littlebrownbird)

from Flickr user sweetandcrafty

completed giant cupcake

giant cupcake cross-section
Outside and inside shots from blogger Freakgirl via Flickr

from Flickr user giraffasaurus, a giant cherry cupcake with cream cheese frosting

from Flickr user hfb

from Flickr user Flour & Sun


Anonymous said…
I am wondering how you cut these giant cupcakes? It seems as if you have to eat a giant slice to get both cake and icing?
Mary said…
Wow! These all look incredible! Thanks for adding me to such great company! Aren't those people at Wilton brilliant for making such a great cake pan?!