Cupcake bunny illustration -- adorable!

I'm crazy for this cupcake bunny illustration. It's perfect. Seriously, every single thing about it is perfect. Colors, perspective, cupcake and bunny -- so good. We have amarisse on Flickr to thank for the picture. Here's the same illustration from another view, plus a bonus (and gratuitous) kitty and salmon sushi shot.

But wait! There's more! How cute is this one? Furry pink sheep, girl on giant cupcake? Cherry and sprinkles??

Edit/update: See the artist's work available for purchase at her etsy account:


Anonymous said…
Thank you so much, Stacie! What a wonderful little surprise. This little bunny (and his kitten friend) is still on sale over at my Etsy too. :)
Stacie Joy said…
Okay, folks, you heard the lady: these adorable finds are available for purchase at etsy.

Go, now!