Filled vegan cupcakes

These are listed in a vegan food pool on Flickr, and the baker has made lots of other vegan foods, so I am fairly confident that these are, indeed, vegan cupcakes. And they look amazing! I'm not even hungry but I could eat at least one of each. Thanks to Massdistraction on Flickr for this shot. The cupcakes are Boston Cream on the bottom and Lemon Cupcakes with Lemon Buttercream frosting and raspberry filling! *drool*


Anonymous said…
Totally vegan, and totally delicious! I can't take the credit though. They were made by my ex, who is so kind as to still share with me.
Stacie Joy said…
Lucky you, Sharyn! I know my ex would like to give me *something,* but a batch of delicious vegan filled cupcakes isn't it.