One of the best cupcakes in NYC

That may sound like hyperbole but it's true in my opinion. Banana cake
that is so rich and moist with not too sweet cream cheese frosting.
You may know cream cheese frosting isn't really my thing but this is
very different. I can already tell I'm gonna be a Butter Lane regular.
They're open until midnight tonight!

Butter Lane is at 123 East 7th Street, NYC.


Anonymous said…
What, do you think, makes the cream cheese so different?
Stacy said…
okay....I HAVE to tell you that you blog is the best ever! I love, love, love cupcakes!!! (I hope I got my point across :-)
All I can say is FAB-U-LOUS!
Brownie said…
Delicious! I can't wait to try this place out!
laurenamaphone said…
I went there the very night after this post came out and had a chocolate on chocolate cupcake and it was one of the best ever....I would highly recommend!!!
Oh my gosh - its like the cupcake fairies KNOW I'm coming to NY and keep opening up new fabulous sounding cupcakeries for me to eat at!! And this one is about 2 mins from where I'm staying!

I've used your pic (credited) in my blog - I do hope you dont mind!

Thanks CTTC for keeping my cupcake tour of NY up to date :)
Anonymous said…
I've had Butter Lane 4x--I'm not sure they have even been open four weeks. Each time with different people and each time people were more enthusiastic about the cupcakes. These are the best cupcakes in NY. My faves french white with yellow cake and banana. The banana is unlike anything I've tasted.