Guest blogger: Marilla from Cupcake Rehab

Today's guest blogger is Marilla from Cupcake Rehab, who has a saucy logo and lots of deliciousness, and is sharing with us a fun assortment of holiday cupcakes. Thanks, Marilla!

Hello all! This is Marilla from Cupcake Rehab and I'm really happy that Rachel asked me to do this because this way I can share with you all, even those of you not familiar with my website or who have never been there, my FAVORITE holiday/seasonal cupcakes.

These aren't just from foodie bloggers or cupcakers, and they are certainly not all mine- they're from net searches, Flickr searches, bakeries and everywhere you can imagine, and they aren't just from this year but years past as well. However they're done so beautifully or uniquely that I thought it would be amazing inspiration for all of us. Whether we bake regularly or just around the holidays, or don't bake at all but just appreciate the artistry and creativity that goes into it, theres definitely something in each of these to be enjoyed- whether its intricate details or just mile-high buttercream. And it can be enjoyed without causing a toothache and/or high dentist bill. So lets get started!

From 101 Cookbooks, we have Lisa Yockelson's 'Snow topped Holiday Cupcakes.' I think these are just adorable. Look at that little snowman!

From Pink Cake Box we have red velvet cupcakes with a sprig of "holly" from their Christmas Cupcake Tree! Now thats a beautiful looking red velvet cupcake. So red!

From, there are these fabulous little snowmen cakes (and a recipe!) that are great for kids... all kids, big and small. Dang. I wish I had a scarf made out of a Fruit Roll-Up. Yeah, it'd be sticky and uncomfortable... but totally fun.

From Sweet Avenue Bakeshop in New Jersey, here are some Hanukkah cupcakes... don't you really just wanna grab one right out of the monitor and shove it right in your mouth? Or is that just me?

From Lyns at Sweet Cuppin' Cakes Bakery and Supplies we have Wild Cherry Winter Cuppin's that look so beautiful I'd hate to eat one, I'd just want to look at it. *sigh* Look at that frosting, its so fluffy.

And megyn.ohara posted this beautiful cupcake on her Flickr account and I just love the frosting idea. And its vegan!

Joycelyn over at Kuidaore made these beautiful cakes and lots more you can see over at her blog. That holly is perfect, isn't it? And that frosting looks just like snow.

jdesmueles (Blue Cupcake) posted these penguin cakes on Flickr and I think they're amazing. The little pink cheeks are too cute. I'd have trouble eating them for sure.

Bakerella made this wonderful Santa Claus cupcake, and I found it at her Flickr. But you can also see it (and more mind-blowingly cute Christmas cupcakes) at her blog!

Susan from Cutting Edge Cake Design in Colorado made these Christmas ball cupcakes- what a great idea. All that detail. It looks like you can really hang 'em on your tree, doesn't it?

From Cupcake Project we have Eggnog Latte Christmas cupcakes for the Starbucks addict. Check out the little snowflake sprinkles and that latte frosting looks amazing.

I think this is if not the most beautiful little cupcake I've ever seen, then close to it... made by rolling_star, it features a little girl and a tree made of fondant. All of her cupcakes are gorgeous like this so I suggest you take a peek.

And last but not least... of course I had to put one of my own cupcakes in here, because these French Toast cupcakes were the most highly requested cupcakes of the past year in my family, and admittedly because I do love the way they look.

I hope you enjoyed my favorite holiday cupcakes and I hope it inspires you to create your own holiday magic in the kitchen. Happy holidays, and thank you to Cupcakes Take the Cake for asking me to guest blog!


veggievixen said…
I love your blog! I just started one of my own:

I would love if you could add me to your blogroll or support me in some other way.

Thanks :)
Lyns said…
lovely post Marilla. That wee girl on the cupcake is so awesome. she is making me smile!
Anonymous said…
Sure Sophie, I'll link to your blog ;)

Thanks Lyns! :D
Stef said…
Great round up! Thanks for featuring my cupcake. Your french toast ones look awesome!
Anonymous said…
Oh my god, That looks really amazing!!

yummy i love it
Anonymous said…
I love to read your blog! It always inspires me to try new things and now I'm hungry!
Collin Jones said…
This definitely made me hungry :)

Great Blog!
Anonymous said…
Thanks everyone!
Lyns said…
Thanks doll You are always full of surprises for me.