National Cupcake Day is coming and The Treats Truck is ready

I'm sure you're all gearing up for December 15th, National Cupcake Day.

New York City's Treats Truck sure is:

Treats Truck to Celebrate National Cupcake Day

From the latest Treats Truck newsletter:

Monday, December 15 is National Cupcake Day, and The Treats Truck will celebrate with a wide selection of cupcake choices. Chocolate cupcakes, vanilla cupcakes, ice cream cone cupcakes, carrot cake cupcakes, holiday cupcakes, and more will be available either on The Treats Truck or by delivery. Surprise your co-workers with a box of cupcakes on National Cupcake Day.

To get a sense of what's on offer at The Treats Truck, check out our friends Blondie and Brownie, who've been devouring them one treat at a time!

Chocolate and Vanilla Cupcake from the Treats Truck
photo by Blondie and Brownie

P.S. They are also celebrating National Brownie Day on Monday, December 8th.