Stunning photography! "Midnight Snack"

Seriously great work here:


This could not have been an easy shoot. I've not seen nor read the "Twilight" series, but I suspect I don't have to in order to admire the image. GaryCruz (photographer), his lovely wife (model), and red velvet cupcake (stunt cupcake) -- you all did top-notch work.

And, if you are a Canon user and fan like I am, you can marvel at this similarly done Canon Speedlite shot:

(Even though I prefer the old Vivitar Thyristor 283 and 285, myself!)

You can also see more of Gary Cruz's photography here. All great stuff.


Unknown said…
Love the Midnight Snack!! That's great.
bev said…
Hi! I'm Gary's wife Beverly and those are my hands and my red velvet cupcake :) I'm glad to be one here - when my husband told me that it was posted, I said, 'Hey! I read that blog all the time!' I'm very honored to be on here :)
Stacie Joy said…
Thanks Beverly! We're happy to have your husband's work, your lovely hands, and the red velvet stunt cupcake. Nice work!