iCupcake app for iPhone, and more iPhone cupcakes

We got an email the other day from Jeffrey Yip, the creator of the new iPhone app, iCupcake. It sounds really cool and you can read about it on their site; according to Jeffrey, "You can use it to design a cupcake and send it to friends via email." It costs 99 cents but...I have no more info because I couldn't download it onto my iPhone! Jeffrey says they are fixing that problem and should have a new version rolled out "in the next few days." Right now it's only compatible with iPhone operation system 2.2.

This reminded me of yet another Bay Area custom cupcake company (they seem to be very abundant here) that I had wanted to check out but won't have time to on this visit called g:m:me|bakery (yes, that's really the name, read more about it on their site). Maclife featured their iPhone cupcakes which are the first commercially available ones I've seen; the others we've posted about have been made by individuals but every time, the geek world seems to go crazy over them.

iPhone cupcakes

And here they are arranged in a more familiar configuration:

iPhone cupcakes

gmmebakery at


Jillian said…
yummy looking!!

this weekend, my niece, nephew and I made some cupcakes! (pics on my blog)...nothing like cupcake making bonding time! :)
andrea said…
Awesome! I'm downloading it as I type...