Spotlight on Death by Cupcake

Today's Flickr cupcake spotlight is on Flickr user death by cupcake (which obviously we don't wish on anyone!). Her cupcakes are cute, fun, creative and exciting. Visit her Flickr for more.

Yo Gabba Gabba cupcakes

Coraline cupcake using fondant (see more Coraline cupcakes here)

part of a winter cupcake tower

Wall-E cupcakes


Anonymous said…
OhEmGee! Those are the cutest cupcakes I have ever seen!
Super cute cupcakes!!!

PS... she spelled "SURPRISE" wrong!! Oops!
jdseeks said…
Regardless of the art form, to see creativity and passion like this is awe inspiring. Well done! Twitter @missrouge recently made a comment about cupcakes that is quite interesting: "the cupcake is endemic of a wider American principle of individualism". My impression of cupcakes is expanding from a delectable treat to something much greater. ;)
HanamiGallery said…
very cute cupcakes. this blog makes me hungry for cupcakes!
apparentlyjessy said…
Thanks for showing us yet another talented cupcake decorator in the spotlight, its a great way to get to know who is out there!
Cakespy said…
I love anthropomorphic cupcakes--and thus, I love Death by Cupcake!
Anonymous said…
Now how does copyright rules effect this situation? It's not a photo by someone else, but using an image of a copyrighted character that belongs to someone else.

Anyway, the Coraline cupcakes take the damned cake. They are NICE.
Anonymous said…
I know, I know!! I spelled Suprise wrong. I caught it though before I dropped the cake off. Please don't put me on Cake Wrecks!!! Thanks for the kind comments.
Death by Cupcake
Unknown said…
"Please don't put me on Cake Wrecks!!!" Haha that is funny=)