5 Examples of Cupcake/Cake Synergy

Yes, this blog's tagling is "All Cupcakes, All The Time."

But we also know that sometimes at events, a cake is simply needed, whether for presentation, because it's requested, or, in many cases, because it complements the cupcakes and vice versa. Together, they create a theme that couldn't have been achieved using only one or the other.

These make me want to have a party just so I could go all out and have cupcakes and a cake with a special theme!

Here are 5 examples of cakes and cupcakes that go perfectly together:

Baby Shower Cake and Cupcakes
This baby shower cake and cupcakes are by Sugar Crush Miami via Flickr: "A cookies-n-cream cake and chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream topped with fondant decorations."

fin 2
Cards and casino chip cupcakes and card cakes by Flickr user Eclectic Circle

Circus cake with cupcake "buddies" (their caption, which I find utterly charming) by Coco Cake Cupcakes via Flickr

Globe cake and mini cupcakes for autism awareness event by Cupcake Envy via Flickr

Disco Ball Cake & Cupcakes
Disco ball cake and cupcakes by Cupcaketastic, via Flickr
Their description:

Chocolate & Rum Disco Cake Ball, styled with royal icing and individual tiles of silver fondant encrusted with edible glitter.

Orange & Rum cupcakes frosted with lushious chocolate fudge icing, styled with orange sprinkles and gold glitter.

Chocolate cupcakes frosted with sherbet sweet white chocolate orange fudge icing, styled with grated chocolate and gold glitter.

Kalhua & White chocolate cupcakes frosted with Kalhua buttercream, styled with freshly ground coffee and gold glitter.

Custom made cupcake stand


Garland said…
Thanks for posting my cake! The other cakes are absolutely amazing as well.
Coco Cake Land said…
hi CTTC beautiful ladies!! woohoo, clowntown! thank you for posting my circus themed party time cake/cupcakes! i too just love the combination of the cutting cake and cupcakes at a party. yes, it really does allow us bakers and decorators some major fun!! and it's extra extra cute on the dessert table... !
SugarCrush said…
Thanks for posting my cake and cupcakes! When the cake comes out there is always an oohhh, but then the aaahhh comes when they see the cupcakes. Always a winning combo!