Cupcake wine lawsuit

San Francisco Weekly blog The Snitch has the scoop on another cupcake (kinda) lawsuit, focusing on the wine line Cupcake. Thanks to Jackson West, our favorite non-cupcake-liking cupcake tipster, for the link. If you're so inclined, you can download all 53 pages of the PDF of the lawsuit from The Snitch.

One True Vine of St. Helena (which puts out the Layer Cake label) has taken umbrage with The Wine Group of Delaware, which produces a line called "Cupcake." Now, wine connoisseurs are always portrayed as a smart and discerning lot. And perhaps they are. But you won't get that from the contentions put forward in this lawsuit. In essence, One True Vine claims that oblivious oenophiles won't be able to tell Layer Cake (mid-range price, picture of "a partially sliced and decadent-looking chocolate cake" on the label) from Cupcake (low price, no picture on label, picture of a cupcake on cases).

But One True Vine's complaint doesn't stop there. The company is pissed that the Cupcake folks would dare compare their wines -- to cake. To wit, Cupcake's 2008 Sauvignon Blanc is pitched as "reminiscent of your grandmother's lemon chiffon cake." Another wine is compared to a "chocolate cherry cake" -- and One True Vine seems miffed the Cupcake folks even deign to suggest you drink their wines
with cake.


anna said…
Jerks. I haven't tried Cupcake Wine but I like that it exists. And not just because searching it brings people to my blog (I make a lot of boozy cupcakes).
theUngourmet said…
Oh brother! People are just so ridiculous!