An Israeli cupcake bakery

We just got word that Tel Aviv, Israel now has its very own cupcake bakery! (click here for the English version)

Owner Ofer Yeger wrote us and said there's no Hebrew word for "cupcakes," so the bakery is called Cupcakes and offers these flavors: "Extra Chocolate, Lemon, Oreo, Black & White (vanilla cake filled with whipped cream and topped with a chocolate genache and meringue) Think Pink (vanilla cake w/ white chocolate genache), Coffee, Apple pie and Chocolate-mint."

Here are a few photos from their site, and I have a friend who'll be there soon who I'm hoping can give us a first-hand report, plus we'll be interviewing Ofer about the Israeli cupcake scene soon.

Apple pie cupcakes
Apple pie cupcakes

Black & White cupcakes

Black & White cupcakes
Black and white cupcakes

Chocolate mint cupcakes
chocolate mint cupcakes

Oreo and Think Pink cupcakes
Oreo cupcakes and Think Pink cupcakes


Yael Ribner said…
I actually live in Israel, and have been longing for a cupcakery for quite some time. Ironic that I had to find out about it on a blog from the U.S.! Thanks for the info...
Sharon's Cakes said…
Just wanted to let all you cupcake lovers know that we too sell cupcakes. I have an online store and also do custom ones
We deliver to the Greater Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv areas, are Parev and Mehadrin.