Spotlight on Flickr user katipeck

These are all from Flickr user katipeck, who also blogs about her cupcake (and other) baking. She has lots of pop culture-themed cupcakes, and then other fun ones; I think the one at the bottom, with the chocolate frosting and blue sprinkles, might be my favorite of these images, because the blue is so bright against the frosting, and the different sizes are intriguing. Check her Flickr for more cupcake photos!

Watchmen cupcakes

Darth Vader Cupcakes
Darth Vader cupcakes

Lost Cupcakes
Lost cupcakes

Sock Puppet Cupcakes
sock puppet cupcakes

Harley Quinn cake and cupcakes

Chocolate Cupcake with blue sprinkles


Jo said…
Ooo, I love the - em - blue balls!

Pretty pretty blue and brown.

I've never seen the two different sizes before.